hello im a hamster ym

this is my trash 02.06.2022

I am 19 years old, out of curiosity and fun, I start to write. I try to do everything in my life so it will be funny greetings to iza-ni and senpai
rain of dew

I'm worried about people I know, but I don't need to. better to eat and drink while karaoke ... I've to collect stuffed animals and stickers
broken time

I'm curious people try to talk on top, but they don't know the time. at work you have to pretend, the brain database limits human development in a data-collecting state to eliminate it and have a mock conversation,unfortunately you have to study numbers and much more
still life

I can not count on family and individuals so I started to paint again as a set designer, top animation has become a despair for me
new 2022-2022